August 2024 Exhibition

Art on Target’s annual unselected exhibition that celebrates the community and the visual arts.

Same Size Same Price No Signature Exhibition

7 August 2024
22 August 2024


Artists are invited to submit artworks for the SAME SIZE, SAME PRICE, NO SIGNATURE EXHIBITION

The call for entries is open to artists over the age of 18 resident in South Africa. All works entered will be exhibited. It is an unselected exhibition with anonymity, as none of the works are signed on the front. They are signed only on the back so that buyers purchase the work based solely on the attraction of the image.

The exhibition also presents all entrants with the fantastic opportunity of being selected for the 2025 Curator’s Choice Exhibition. If your technique and vision catch the eye of our selectors, you’ll be invited to participate in this group exhibition in the first half of next year.

For all the details, download an entry form below.