Art on Target

Visual art classes are offered by Artists: Bretten-Anne Moolman, Cedric Vanderlinden, Estelle Marais and Karl Schoemaker.

All the artists are qualified professionals in their fields and have years of experience to share with you.

Within visual arts we cover: photography, painting, drawing and mixed media, exploring a range of materials and subject matter which include: figurative painting, landscape painting, portraiture, figure drawing, and more.

Meet the Educators

Bretten Anne Moolman

Director of Art on Target & Educator

Bretten- Anne Moolman is the Director of Art on Target and a Fine Arts graduate in painting with an HDE from Rhodes University with distinctions in art method, art theory and art practice. She is an educator as well as a professional fine artist who exhibits extensively throughout South Africa. Her work is in national, private and abroad gallery collections.

Estelle Marais

Educator - Fine Art Painting

Estelle Marais is an educator as well as a professional fine artist. Her work is in national, private and abroad gallery collections. Estelle’s visual art educator history includes: lecturer at Rhodes University, head of department at Fort Hare, Natal Technikon and professor at Univ. of North West.

Cedric Vanderlinden

Educator - Fine Art Painting & Drawing

Cedric Vanderlinden has a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Nelson Mandela University. He has been actively painting, drawing, and teaching for over two decades.

Jonathan Silverman

Educator - Fine Art Painting & Drawing

Jonathan Silverman received a BA in Fine Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and holds a PgDip in drawing The Royal Drawing School in London. He received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant in both 2009 and 2010, and in 2012 he was artist in residence at the Sanskriti Foundation in New Delhi, while also teaching at IIFA in Modinagar, India. In recent years he has taught in the Royal Drawing School’s Public Programme in London and at Rhodes University.

Karl Schoemaker

Educator - Photography

Karl offers commercial, industrial and aerial photography, and uses the travel opportunities this affords him to collect images from around the world.

Having completed an Honours Degree in Fine Art (Photography) at Rhodes University under the guidance of renowned photographer Obie Oberholzer, Karl worked as a photographer in Johannesburg. His career path saw him veer into the corporate world of information technology and knowledge management until, in 2009, he moved to Port Elizabeth and returned to photography full time.

Karl shares Elliot Erwitt’s view that “photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”. Karl invites viewers to adopt new perspectives and surprises them with the unexpected beauty of the everyday.

Jessica Staple

Educator - Printmaking

Jessica is an artist and a trained printmaker, currently residing in Port Elizabeth. She graduated with a MA Visual Arts (cum laude) and BA English Studies Major from Stellenbosch University. Whilst in Stellenbosch, Jessica also worked as the printmaking technician, facilitated public drawing classes and hosted workshops in collaboration with the SU Museum’s ‘Access to Visual Arts Programme’. Jessica currently lectures printmaking and drawing at the Nelson Mandela University. She also offers short-courses in printmaking at Art on Target. Since 2016, she has co-directed Black Ink. Collective, a collective of printmakers, educators and artists based in South Africa.

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