Art on Target Presents

Art on Target presents a walk through virtual art exhibition of the paintings of Anthony Keogh and Cedric Vanderlinden.

This is a select showcase of their work, available only through Art on Target, and only between 17 August and 9 October 2020.

All works are available for sale.

If you are interested, please contact BA Moolman:
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10% Off

on all paintings

From 15th to 25th October


Paintings by
Anthony Keogh

This body of work deals with the combined effect of both the Coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter Movement, coupled with lockdown stress and gross disinformation.

The irony of Eric Garners last words – I can’t breathe and Covid 19 being a respiratory illness.

Winners, Losers and the Skies Above

Paintings by
Cedric Vanderlinden

With this small body of work, I grapple with my privilege, and my tacit participation in monstrous systems that supported me at the expense of so many others.

Like a soothsayer of old, I look to the skies, and I take a hollow comfort that the very notion of winners is meaningless to the raging darkness. The systems and hierarchies designed, and perpetuated, to keep an increasingly exclusive and more privileged few in power are insignificant in theface of the storm. A long-overdue and well-deserved reckoning is in the wind – either by our own hands or by the eternal cosmos.